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The ultimate goal of every musician is to attract a large audience and increase their fame in the music industry. Adding your music to the playlist is one of the most important achievements and the best way to grow your fan base and monthly listener.

However, it may sound difficult to get the number in your favor and it may take a while. Nevertheless, music is a creation and an art that requires imagination and creative, unique ways to navigate the bustling music market.

One of the brilliant ideas that a musician can use to grow the monthly listeners on a Spotify account is to buy Spotify monthly listeners. Monthly listeners help create an exclusive picture of your music and give other listeners a reason to listen and follow.

Music artists need to get a lot of listeners and followers to continue their music career. Spotify is one of the best and most unique music platforms in the modern world. Many artists identify with the online site, which reaches millions of listeners worldwide. The site is easy to maneuver and register, but requires some effort.

The Spotify online platform is one of the best ways to get your music, content and videos heard. it forms a unique foundation for all musicians and listeners. There are several strategies to develop your listeners and followers that will lead to a successful career in music. Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners!

What are Spotify monthly listeners?

Monthly listeners are unique listeners who have played your music in the last 28 days. If your song has 1000 listeners, 1000 people have heard it in that particular period. These stats are updated daily and appear both in the Spotify artist profile and directly in the timeline image in the Spotify Audience section.

Tracking trends and stats based on your monthly listener schedule will give you a good idea of how your music will sound over a long period of time and gain insight into the overall engagement and behavior of listeners after a new music release. If you want to know more about instant changes with a higher level of detail, keep an eye on the daily listener count.

How to get more monthly listeners on Spotify?

Almost everyone can put their music on Spotify these days. Now that distribution is more accessible than ever, your songs are just a click away on a robust platform. While it’s great that the barrier to entry as a musician has been significantly lowered, it can be a lot harder to stand out in an oversaturated market.

With this in mind, building your online presence on streaming platforms is paramount to your success. An impressive monthly listener base can help you build your fan base from the ground up and potentially grab the attention of a label or two.

Here are some great ways you can increase your monthly Spotify listeners:

Check your skills

As painful as it may be, try to be as honest as possible about where you are on your musical journey. If you can figure out where to improve and seek help without getting discouraged, you’ll be well on your way to growing as a musician and artist.

Get advice from other musicians you trust. You can also find feedback on online forums or even visit your friends to see what they think. The key is not to take negative feedback personally and use it to drive your future growth.

There is no reason to stop learning as a musician, especially when there are so many free resources online. Get into the habit of looking for helpful blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and anything else that can help you improve steadily over time.

It’s also good to reference other artists’ tracks and actively listen for structure, melodies, and correction. Try starting a session by dragging your favorite song onto your DAW. This way you can constantly go back to your reference track while making it to amplify your sound.

Be consistent

As with any skill, consistency is key. Regardless of the size of your audience, focus on improving your craft every day. Creative boundaries can also be helpful if you don’t know where to start. For example, I challenged myself to do a full song demo every week for a year, whether it was good or bad. While this was incredibly challenging at times, it has helped me a lot to grow in a short period of time.

Do something musical every day. Whether it’s producing, mixing, singing, playing an instrument or writing songs, it doesn’t matter much. The important thing is to develop a pattern with yourself so that you will grow and improve naturally over time.

Collaborate with other artists

Collaborating with other musicians is a great way to learn in a fun and experimental way. Plus, collaborative tracks can help you connect with other artists’ audiences, which is great for building your listener base. You could reach out to other artists on social media and ask for collaborations. Alternatively, you can see if there are jams, open mics or local music performances in your area and network from there.

About the finish

While it can be tempting to keep starting and stopping songs, resist the urge as best you can. You can even limit the number of projects you can work on at the same time. While it’s not always fun to finish a song when the initial inspiration has faded, it will help you grow musically. You also have ready-made tracks to keep up with a regular release schedule.


Personally, I can attribute most of my listeners’ growth to learning how to market my music the right way. The power of marketing doesn’t mean you don’t need polished tracks; you sure do. However, people can’t connect to your music if they can’t find it.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself what a label would do to push your music once you’ve signed and try to mimic this process on a smaller scale.

Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners

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If you’re ready to buy Spotify listeners on a regular basis, check out Buy Real Followers and see if we’ve got something that’s right for you. You can use our services to extend almost any social platform. However, we recommend that you buy Spotify listeners on a monthly basis to increase your Spotify reach.

Which artist has the most monthly listeners on Spotify?

We recently looked at the most followed artist on Spotify, but who are the most streamed artists? Monthly listeners are displayed publicly on all artist profiles. Still in full swing with its new album and with a stadium tour announced for 2022, The Weeknd currently tops the charts with nearly 80 million monthly listeners, closely followed by Justin Bieber in second place.

The most streamed artist is Dua Lipa with over 66 million monthly listeners. Coldplay is the most streamed band with 57.3 million monthly listeners.

Check out this Wikipedia article for a full breakdown of the stats to see which artists have peaked over time. For a look at the most famous musicians since the birth of streaming, check out the most streamed artist on Spotify.

How are monthly listeners counted on Spotify?

Spotify’s monthly number of active users is one of the key stats used by the music industry – radio, media, A&R and more – to measure how popular an artist is and how big their fan base is. But how does Spotify calculate monthly active users? Are they unique listeners or total listeners? Is it the calendar month or the last 30 days?

The answer lay at the bottom of Spotify’s announcement that Ed Sheeran had broken yet another Spotify record by reaching 69 million monthly active listeners.

  • Monthly Spotify listeners are calculated within a rolling 28-day window.
  • “We use a 28-day rolling window as the number of days in a calendar month can vary,” Spotify Team UK wrote. “People listen to music differently depending on the day of the week.
  • This means that an equal number of days of the week are counted – i.e. the same number of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.
  • If users play an artist multiple times within 28 days, they will be counted only once.


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What counts as a monthly listener on Spotify?

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Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ has a stream number of over 2 billion.

As of April 2022, The Weekend and Ed Sheeran have the most monthly listeners on Spotify.

There are numerous aspects that go into figuring out whether or not a Spotify account is being catapulted into sponsorship deals and publicity. There are Spotify plays, which indicate how many times someone has clicked on your song. There are followers that show how many people are watching your content. There are also playlists that show how many people clicked on your playlist.

In the case of monthly Spotify listeners, it shows how many people return to your content each month. In many ways it can be one of the most important aspects of the Spotify platform as it shows if the musician is consistent with their content.

The reason it’s important to buy Spotify listeners on a monthly basis is that many users look to that particular statistic when looking for new musicians to try. Few to no monthly listeners means people come across your content once and move right in, which doesn’t bode well for any account. Having monthly listeners means your account is steadily holding your audience, which is a great way to see if a Spotify account is worth pushing for the big leagues. If you have monthly listeners who regularly play your content — even just a few — you may be able to snowball the whole thing into something more meaningful. With the capacity to buy Spotify listeners on a monthly basis, those opportunities are within reach.

Spotify’s monthly songs update almost instantly (within 6-12 hours) and listener count and play count don’t update at the same time. Monthly listener statistics show the count over a 30-day period. Listening cycles show your general base listeners and our website will make them work for you!

If you have ten plays from one user, everyone will see one listener. But if you have ten listeners, ten different people have to listen to your song. Play increases, but listeners may decrease, and that reflects badly on you. Plus, monthly listener stats are the first thing people see on your artist page.

Monthly listeners reflect the popularity and fame of the artist. You may have 1k or even 100k of your track(s), but if you don’t have many monthly listeners, your stats may seem temporary and not a trend of constant popularity. Listeners might think you faked the plays yourself. You need monthly listeners to showcase your power as an artist and we’ll get them for you!

Yes, all listeners we send you are 100% authentic. They listen to your profile and as a result give you a monthly listening list.

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