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In recent years, Instagram has grown exponentially, from a million users when it started to over a billion by 2022. It’s very hard to imagine the time before Instagram. “Do it for the gram” was a common saying at the time, meaning “do something so we can all take a picture and then post it on our Instagram”. Since then, Instagram has been putting a bigger and stronger emphasis on video. So you won’t hear the phrase “do it for the gram” again. But bet there will be a second version of the phrase soon? (Maybe “Do it for the reel?”) In this article you will learn more about Instagram comments and how to get more of it!

Random comments

Random Instagram comments for your post. The comments are a combination of English text and emojis. They are generic comments like: ‘the best ????’ ‘cool picture!’ etc.

– Real Profiles
– In English
– mix of men and women
– generic comments

Real comments

Custom-written comments for your post. The comments are in Dutch or English depending on your post and come from a mix of male and female profiles.

– Real people
– Custom written especially for your post
– Relevant content
– 1 year warranty

How much does buying Instagram Comments cost?

10 Instagram Comments

v.a. €9.99

15 Instagram Comments

v.a. €3.99

20 Instagram Comments

v.a. €4.99

25 Instagram Comments

v.a. €5.99

50 Instagram Comments

v.a. €9.99

100 Instagram Comments

v.a. €19.99

Can you buy Instagram comments?

Instagram comments are the hardest to get into the top three engagement types on Instagram. That’s why they add great value to your posts and your Instagram profile.

Yes, you can buy Instagram comments at a reasonable price. When Instagram users see that your post has a lot of comments, they will be drawn to take a closer look at your post. It can even lead to you getting a lot more likes when people come over to see the comments.

Buy Real Followers is one of the friendliest places to buy Instagram comments. It is one of the best options for startups and small businesses looking to increase their company’s digital presence on social media. With tested and vetted services from some of the best professionals in their class, we provide expert solutions to boost your brand’s presence on Instagram. We don’t use bots to make sure Instagram doesn’t notice your account.

Where are my Instagram comments?

Your Instagram comments are below each of your posts. Go to your posts and you can easily recognize your comments. But if you’ve left comments on other Instagram accounts yourself, after a while you might wonder where you left your mark. Fortunately, with these methods you can easily find all your Instagram comments. Here’s how to access everything you’ve commented on so far:

Using your activity

The Your Activity feature makes it easy to view and delete old comments you’ve made, as shown below:

  1. Open your Instagram profile and tap the three horizontal lines. Choose your activity.
  2. Go to Interactions and then to Comments.
  3. You’ll see all your Insta comments with the most recent comments at the top. Tap Sort & Filter and under Sort by Oldest, select to Newest to display old comments first. You can also set start or even end dates to filter the Instagram comments. Click Apply.
  4. To delete multiple comments, tap Select and select the comments you want to delete. Tap Delete.

Rate posts you’ve liked

Another great way to view your Instagram comments is to view the posts you’ve liked in the past. This method may not be as effective as another, but it is an alternative way. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of the steps of the other method, then this method is the one for you.

People also tend to comment on a post if they like a video or a photo on Instagram. If this applies to you, using this built-in Instagram feature may also help you find all your comments on Instagram.

This is what you should do:

  1. Open the Instagram app and click the three bars icon at the top. Go to Settings”.
  2. Click on Account -> and then on Liked Posts.
  3. Then you will see all the posts you’ve liked in the past. More importantly, you can even follow all your Instagram comments there. Just tap on the relevant posts to see any comments you have.

The downside to this method is that you may not have commented on a post you did like, so it takes some guesswork.

What can I do if I can no longer write comments in Instagram app?

As one of the most popular social networking platforms, Instagram allows users to take and share their photos and videos, as well as comment on others’ Instagram posts. Most of the time Instagram has no problem posting comments, but there are some situations where the error message “Unable to comment” appears. If you can’t comment on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is find out the causes.

You can follow the methods below to fix this error:

Method 1: Update your Instagram app

Method 2: Review, rewrite and repost your comment

Method 3: Change your IP address or use a VPN

Method 4: Post comments with the web version of Instagram

Method 5: Wait for the lock time to be over

Method 6: Contact Instagram for support

What if comments are restricted?

The message “Comments on this post is restricted” means that the user has determined who can comment on their posts in their privacy settings. Only the people who are chosen are allowed to comment on the posts.

The message “Comments on this post is restricted” means that the user has determined who can comment on their posts. This way, only certain Instagram users (for example, their followers) can comment on their posts.

So instead of disabling comments on their posts, they limited who can reply to them. Instagram allows you to control who can comment on your posts.

What does it mean if comment is hidden?

When you hide a comment on a post on your page, the comment will only be visible to the person who wrote the comment and their friends. So if your friends are also friends with the comment author, they can still see the comment; if they aren’t friends with the author, they won’t be able to see the comment.

If you hide a comment, it will disappear from your view. However, the person who posted it can still view it with your mutual friends.

How do I see other people’s activity on Instagram?

Instagram may not show you a user’s activity, but there’s an easy way to find them without trying to hack their phone: Snoopreport. It shows you the posts your friend likes, the trends their activity is following, and more.

For example, here’s Instagram activity report for user @mirimeo. You can see every post she liked, as well as her posts she liked the most in the past week. You can also see the users she’s recently followed and when she’s followed them, not to mention the main hashtags and topics for the posts she likes.

Without knowing @mirimeo, we can say that she seems Italian, probably works in the entertainment industry, has an interest in health and beauty and has a great fascination for great photography and art.

What is ranking for comments?

The Instagram comments feature is set up to show the comments of people you follow first. Or sometimes a comment from a verified account or a comment with the most likes will appear first.

On Facebook pages, the comments are usually in chronological order. However, if the page or profile has comment ranking enabled, this will not apply. When comment ranking is enabled, comments from verified accounts and friends are listed first, and the most important and relevant comments are also sorted first.

What happens if I hide a comment?

If deleting an Instagram comment seems a little too definitive, there is another option. You can hide your Instagram comment completely.

Can you hide a comment on your Instagram post?

Yes. There are a few options to hide comments on an Instagram post.

First you can set up an automatic filter. Enabling this feature allows Instagram to hide any comments it deems inappropriate or offensive.

To enable this feature:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap the person icon in the lower right corner of the page to navigate to your profile.
  3. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Notes.
  5. Tap the Hide offensive comments switch.

On the same page in your settings, you also have the option to hide all comments that contain specific words of your choice. After you return to the Comments Manager section:

  1. Press the manual filter switch.
  2. Enter the words you want to filter and separate each new word with a comma.

Restrict someone on Instagram

And finally, the last thing you can do is prevent a specific user on Instagram from commenting on your photos. If you restrict someone on Instagram, that person can still comment on your Insta posts, but their posted comment is only visible to them. You can see the comment by selecting “View comment” and you can optionally make it visible to your followers by selecting “Approve”. But you may want to delete it or just ignore it.

Restricting someone also means they can’t see if you’re actively using Instagram or if you’ve read their posts. You will no longer receive notifications from this profile. So it’s a lot less intrusive than blocking someone on Instagram, but also enough to keep those annoying comments away from your posts.

Restrict someone on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Navigate to that person’s profile.
  3. Tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Press Restrict.
  5. Press Restrict again to confirm.

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Fortunately, we can assure you that there is absolutely no chance of this happening. After all, you are not breaking any rules! As we said, purchase comment is no different from any other form of paid marketing or advertising. That is why millions of companies and influencers are already using paid comment services.

If that doesn’t allay your fears, we’re pleased to report that in all of our years of providing this service, not a single complaint has been made against any of our customers – not to mention one of them being “banned” is. And since we store all your order and payment information on secure servers, your transaction is 100% private.

You may have heard about Instagram’s algorithm that penalizes people for buying likes. Fortunately, comments don’t have that problem – provided you buy them from a legit source. For example, our team is made up of experienced marketing specialists who have spent years developing safe, effective commenting strategies. This makes our service 100% risk free.

Does anyone know I bought Comments?

While studies show that more responses directly increase engagement, we can’t make any specific guarantees about how your engagement will be impacted. If you’re already buying comments, we recommend that you also buy likes and video views to make your sudden increase in engagement seem more natural. People are followers, and if you give them an example to emulate, they usually will. Remember, reaching the “top” of Instagram isn’t something many people can do organically without enough celebrity. That’s why almost everyone out there uses a wide variety of strategies (including purchasing engagement) to try to maximize their audience. In the end, it’s just another form of paid marketing – not unlike a TV commercial.

We do not need any login details to run our service. In fact, if you’re doing business with a similar company that tells you they do, don’t place an order! There are tons of shady companies that would love to embed bots in your account. Our comments are no different than the ones you get organically, and they are 100% safe.

Unfortunately not. If our commenters can’t see your post, they won’t be able to respond to it. However, you can set your account to “public” for as long as you want us to respond. You can then set your profile back to “private” if you wish. Make sure your order is complete! Setting your account to “private” too early will interrupt the process.

In most cases, we can start posting comments on your Instagram in seconds. In other cases it can take up to an hour depending on the number of orders we have to fulfill. Fortunately, we are always expanding our human resources and technical capabilities to ensure you get the faster service possible. Welcome to the “Internet Age!”

Your real comments are handcrafted and regular comments are as realistic as possible to provide the best possible experience for people who interact with you. They are intended to be relevant to the position at all costs.

It is possible to hide comments on Instagram. From your profile, go to settings. Then select from privacy comments. Here you can choose the ‘Hide offensive comments’ option to hide comments.

It’s an option if you don’t want to make your caption so crowded. However, you can hide your hashtags in the caption if you write them a few spaces below.

We accept all major credit and debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, iDeal and Bancontact. Security is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we only work with established payment gateways trusted by millions of customers and the world’s largest merchants.

After buying Instagram comments, people expect to get quite a few spectators. When new users tend to become influencers, every viewer of their content counts. Real people commenting on their posts mean they’re also viewing the content. This change can even send the messages to the right person. Comments like this can influence Instagram’s visual posts in the ideal direction.

After you buy the comments as the number of comments and viewers starts to increase, it will suggest the content to other people. New people viewing the related content will find these suggestions in their feed. Customers who buy IG comments are experiencing a growing number of likes in all their future content and also an increasing number of shares and saves. To respond to a post, users must view the content. This is why the exponential change in viewership can have a similar effect on the effects of all future Instagram posts.

The ultimate goal of every Instagram user when they buy automatic Instagram comments is to get verified on the platform. If a person doesn’t get natural involvement, it can lead to difficulties in verifying. Especially if an account user piles up their account with bulk bot followers and bulk engagement, Instagram won’t let the person verify. In fact, this leads to loss of credibility of the Instagram account. This is a big problem Instagram creators can face if they buy from the wrong sources.


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