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Twitter is a powerful platform for your career. For networking and professional development, it is a game changer. And more and more companies and organizations are using it to scout talent. So what's the secret to a successful Twitter presence? An excellent Twitter profile. Building an attractive profile is one of the most important things you will do on Twitter. You cannot have a successful Twitter presence without them. But most of us don't invest enough time in this important business card.

Here are my top 10 tips for creating a perfect Twitter profile:

1. Make the best first impression. Your profile should be concise and engaging, but not overwhelming. You have 160 characters plus an image, location, name and website link to make that first impression. And when it comes to first impressions, there are no second chances. 2. Think of it like a business card. Have you ever thought about business card design and text? Your Twitter profile is a virtual business card. Keep this in mind when creating your profile. Concentrate on the information you need to convey. 3. Rate yourself. An intriguing yet informative self-description on your Twitter profile is critical to attracting, nurturing, and retaining followers. This requires a deep sense of self. Take notes about yourself: personality, habits, communication, social style, passions, inspirations and talents. Pull from this list for your profile. 4. Imagine your audience. Some great writers say that knowing your audience is an important part of winning them over. Decide who you want to reach with your profile. They are most likely a broad spectrum, from friends and colleagues and like-minded colleagues to executives (and don't forget about potential employers and recruiters). 5. Design your mini resume. Her Twitter profile is a mini resume - emphasis on mini. List your expertise, your experiences, and then your achievements (unless you can start with a great price). Use as few words as possible to convey the most information. Top it off: The best Twitter profiles combine work and leisure, jobs and passions, which makes us interesting. 6. Use keywords. Keywords are useful in a profile, especially since you have so little space to introduce yourself in the Twitter sphere. So turn your profile into a discovery tool by adding a hashtag, e.g. B. “Job Search Coach / #LinkedIn Expert.” 7. Show confidence, not arrogance. No one is invisible on social media. Twitter's small space and fast pace mean that everything has a potentially more meaningful impact. Apply the same etiquette to your profile as you do to tweets. Yes: List awards, but don't brag about "TOP 100!" 8. Make it playful and cheerful. How do you transfer virtual positive energy to a screen? First of all, avoid negativity. No whining "#worstjobever" in your experience list. Then emphasize the positive: define yourself as "always interested!" instead of "easily distracted". Add humor to keep it playful. 9. Show yourself. Studies show that a personal photo is much more attractive and a smiling headshot style photo is more accessible and attractive than a non-smiling photo. Avoid the obvious: no kissing photos, no blurry photos. If you don't want to use your face, choose something that is representative of your business or area. 10. Add shortcuts. There is a separate place to link to your website on your profile. But you can also add links in your profile yourself. They can lend credibility and even encourage following. Just don't link to that personal YouTube channel or Facebook page.

How often should I post to Twitter?

There are tons of articles on how often to post on Twitter, but don't blindly follow the report with the best chart - you need to use some common sense in addition to the stats. Buffer, a social media blog, posts to Twitter 14 times a day. But in their own Social Media Frequency Guide, they cite a study by Social Bakers showing optimal Twitter engagement (replies, retweets, favorites) at three tweets per day, and Track Social Research, which used response score (calculated from the number of retweet). ) determined ) increases with the number of tweets. The track social data is exciting. three two-eats a day equals a response score of more than 1500, four to five gives a response score of more than 2500, then there is a decline that does not returnreturns to a response score above 2500 until you tweet 11 to 15 times in the morning. There are other peaks at 21 to 30 and over 51 tweets per day, reaching nearly 3,500 at the highest point. This is where common sense comes in. You can get big rewards for a big workload - with 21-30 tweets a day you should get a lot of retweet activity. But do you have time to write more than 20 tweets a day? And do you have enough to say? Will all those tweets be quality content that will engage your followers? In response to the question "How often should I post to Twitter?" I recommend between three and five tweets a day. But make sure your statements are interesting, amusing, thought-provoking and informative - quality is much more important than quantity.

Examples of how top brands use Twitter

1. Playstation The video game giant has nearly 9 million followers on Twitter and continues to crush it! What I like about this account - and why I think it does so well - is that they post a variety of posts (links, videos, and text). PlayStation also communicates with and retweets their fans! Notice how they use a pinned tweet for their holiday promotion. Pinning a tweet is a great way to skyrocket your engagement! 2. Wholefoods There's nothing quite like grinding fresh peanuts at Whole Foods and eating them with organic celery! If you haven't already, you should. What I love about this Twitter account is that Whole Foods don't always "sell" — they teach. They do this by posting recipes and other tips on how to cook better with the food they sell. 3. Etsy Etsy does a great job of mixing up the types of products they tweet about — and they're not just sticking to products that women might buy. They are also excellent at retweeting their followers when mentioned. Plus they have a great sense of humor! Etsy is a perfect example of how quality Twitter content keeps people coming back. Once you start checking out their Twitter page, you won't be able to stop! 4. Forever21 Forever21's Twitter account uses its tweets to promote its products by showcasing them in awesome images. They are also adept at simply tweeting something funny or thoughtful, just to stay human and engaged. This is an excellent Twitter account to learn from! 5. JetBlue Airways JetBlue is known for doing things differently than other old, boring airlines! How they use Twitter is no different. On Twitter they don't take themselves seriously at all! They constantly post contests and funny tweets to grab the attention of their nearly 2 million followers.

How to promote a Twitter profile

1. Start with great content Now it's time to get on Twitter and do the work of gaining followers, engaging people and converting them into customers. You currently have 280 characters per tweet to create great content on Twitter. That's actually not much, so it must add value. Writing shorter content is often more difficult than longer content, so tweets should be targeted, proprietary and easy to read. Make them resonate with your followers or forward them to a call-to-action. 2. Don't use Twitter to sell When posting on Twitter, don't try to constantly sell your products and services. Twitter is about targeting, interacting with and connecting with new audiences. Ultimately, interacting with your audience is about sales and revenue. But the sales and revenue come from engagement, not constant sales conversations. Use your Twitter presence to attract customers, not force them to buy your product or service. Do your best to help people get involved and connect with them. They will want to learn more about your products and services when they feel connected through your Twitter profile rather than a hard sell. 3. Be committed Being successful on Twitter isn't just about the number of followers you have. Interacting with your audience is one of the most important ways to achieve your goals. Twitter is about personal contact to connect and engage on a higher level. 4. Buy Twitter Followers and Likes Becoming an Instagram superstar isn't easy, but it pays off. Your first step to Instagram fame is to reach your first million followers. After that everything will run smoothly. But it's not easy to get there, especially if you want to do it alone. But with the help of Real Follower Buying you will become one overnightan Instagram sensation! For example, you can buy real Twitter followers to boost your organic growth.
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