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Spotify is now a global phenomenon and the platform offers people the opportunity to ​​great playlist that the whole world can hear. However, the most reliable ways to gain followers from Spotify playlists are not obvious, and basic advice on the subject is likely to leave you frustrated, as they are designed to help you connect with new Spotify followers.

Almost all posts on this topic emphasize sharing and promoting on platforms outside of Spotify. Still, I sincerely believe that promoting your list is not only unimportant, it also leads to ghost followers and hollow engagement. I can even show you how amazingly ineffective outdoor advertising is.

Spotify does all the meaningful advertising for you, and a good playlist will gain thousands of followers without you having to do any work. It is quite possible to get Spotify playlist followers without analysis and social media.

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How to quickly get Spotify followers?

1. Promote your Spotify on social media

If you want to grow your Spotify followers, it’s important to leverage your existing platforms and audience.

Your potential listeners and followers are already waiting for you on social media.

Start driving your audience to these streaming platforms and transform from social media followers to Spotify followers.

They have to hit hard and make it clear where they want the fans to go and what to do.

Your email signature, Instagram bio, YouTube descriptions… everywhere.

If you’re already working hard to promote your music online and on social media, it’s just a matter of harnessing that power and sending it where you want.

2. Update your artist profile

What are you waiting for if you have not yet claimed your Spotify For Artists profile?

Spotify For Artists is packed with useful features, data and everything you need to make sure your artist profile is optimized.

  • Did you add high quality band photos?
  • A biography with your story?
  • Your own artist selection on your artist page?
  • Your own artist playlist?
  • Links to your other social media profiles?

If you are serious about getting more Spotify followers as a musician, you should treat Spotify equally.

The more seriously you take Spotify and the more effort you put into making your artist profile look its best, the more seriously Spotify takes you.

My best tip is this one.

Treat Spotify like your social media.

Update it regularly and make sure it has the best content possible. You want to be people who land on your Spotify page and stick there like glue. This is how you turn passing listeners into Spotify followers.

Think of all the music marketing strategies you use to get more followers on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.

Treat your Spotify profile with the same respect and watch your followers grow.

3. Add music consistently

Spotify is working on an algorithm to recommend new music and Spotify playlists to listeners.

It’s the closest thing to social media with no direct interaction.

Spotify has only one goal and only one goal: “keep listeners on Spotify.”

It’s easy.

As a musician, the more you keep fans and users on Spotify, consume content, stream songs and dive into new releases, the more Spotify will reward you.

Spotify keeps track of everything. Song skips listening, user behavior, playlist additions, follows and more as part of the Spotify algorithm.

Now that we know that an algorithm exists, how can we make the most of it?

Bands and musicians trying to get Spotify followers have to make great music. But the strategy for 2022 and beyond is to focus on creating something worth coming back to again and again.

At this point you want to try to make more music that your fans want to hear consistently.

4. Send your music to Spotify playlists

Getting included in Spotify playlists is an art, and the rabbit hole runs very deep.

Let’s say you can feature your new songs and releases in prominent Spotify playlists like Discover Weekly, New Music Friday, or even influencer curated playlists. If so, it could be a game changer for your music career and the number of followers on Spotify.

Through Spotify For Artists, you can present your music directly in the playlists created by Spotify editor.

You can submit your track to Spotify 4 weeks before its release to be considered a playlist.

You must first lay the foundation for your profile and wider music marketing to have the best chance of appearing on a popular playlist.

Again, if you take Spotify seriously, they will take you seriously.

Think carefully before requesting a Spotify playlist.

5. Introduce your music to the curators of Spotify playlists

Curated and influencer playlists are created by people outside of Spotify.

These are usually people or organizations with an already established following, such as: Social media influencers, bloggers, radio stations, website owners or just enthusiasts.

By leveraging the audience of playlist curators and finding new listeners, fans and followers in your niche, you can quickly increase your number of streams and followers.

The new playlist tool SONARΒ has been launched in DKMBA where you can access more than 7000 playlists. It’s an easy way to find the curator’s contact information to get in touch with them to get your latest release on a respected playlist in the music industry.

When submitting your music to Spotify playlist curators, make sure you target the right people and personalize your outreach message. It has to be the right genre, the right style and more.

6. Create and promote your own playlists

There’s a lot out there on how to get your music into other people’s playlists. But what about generating your own playlist and your playlist followers?

The equity for creating and owning a specific playlist is an excellent starting point.

In turn, gaining more playlist followers can result in more Spotify followers for your artists’ accounts.

Create a niche playlist or genre-specific playlist and promote it to your fans and listeners.

Of course, you’ll want to put a few of your own songs in there just to be sure.

It’s great for the Spotify algorithm if your songs are included in a popular playlist. It’s even better if you’re the one who owns the playlist to get started with.

Naturally, start generating higher streaming numbers, playlist followers and Spotify followers.

7. Make your artwork stand out

The most successful musicians are experts at getting attention with their marketing.

Secret art on Spotify plays an important role for users to differentiate between genres. Like YouTube thumbnails, artwork can influence a split-second decision to participate or not.

Whether it’s your album artwork, solo artwork, or cover art for your playlist, you need to create something that stands out and encourages listeners to immerse themselves in it.

Music genres usually have their visual aesthetic, so look to your favorite artists or album covers for inspiration.

There are several websites that offer free images that are relevant to your music playlist. Canva is a great way to create great, sized artwork for free.

The perfect cover photo would convince people that your playlist or release is right for them before they’ve even had a chance to listen and become one of your new fans!

This is a great way to increase streams on Spotify and crack the visual aspect of Spotify ads.

8. Advertise Spotify followers from Buy Real Followers

Shop Real FollowersΒ is one of the best social media marketing growth services out there. While this platform is relatively new, our great service and customer support allowed us to easily gain a wide following.

You can buy Spotify followers from us from € 4.99 for 500 Spotify followers. You can also buy 1000 Spotify artist followers for €9.99 and 2500 Spotify playlist followers for €24.99.

Our highest subscription consists of 25,000 Spotify followers for €149.99. We make sure that all these followers come from premium accounts within Spotify, which can of course increase your ranking in the app.

We have successfully used a very simple process to buy Spotify followers. All you have to do is choose the package that suits your needs and your financial capabilities.

How to see Spotify playlist followers?

How can I see who is following my Spotify playlist in the desktop app?

You can easily see who your Spotify playlist followers are. And you can even see the number of your followers list. Here are some steps to help you get it done:

  1. Click on the Spotify application on your PC.
  2. Find your playlist in the menu on the left. If you don’t see one, tap Your Library and select the playlist.
  3. You can see the number of likes under the name of your playlist. The number of likes corresponds to the number of followers.

View Spotify Playlist Followers on Android or iOS

  1. Click Spotify app on your phone
  2. Tap “Your Library”.
  3. Scroll down to find the playlist. Or just tap the playlists.
  4. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll see the number of followers right below the playlist name.

How can you see who is following your Spotify profile

  1. Click Spotify app on your phone
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap your profile name or photo.
  4. You’ll see your playlist track, followers, and the people you follow.
  5. Tap the followers to explore their profiles and music.

How can I remove followers on Spotify

While you can’t directly remove a follower on Spotify, you can block people who follow you. You can block your followers in the Spotify desktop app from following you or seeing your activity. Blocking someone will remove them from your followers list and they will no longer be able to follow you.

  1. Click on your account name in the top right corner of Spotify and select Profile.
  2. Click on your number of followers under your profile name.
  3. Select the person you want to block from going to their profile.
  4. Click the ellipsis icon under their profile name and photo.
  5. Select Block to confirm and then select Block again in the pop-up window.

When you return to your profile, you will see that the blocked user has been removed.

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That has never happened to this day. So no. But we still recommend balancing all your stats at all times to avoid being the first.

Spotify shares what you’re listening to in the Friends Activity section. Your followers can see what you’re listening to. Also, any user with a Spotify account can see your public playlists.

Do I need to complete surveys or other verifications?

Naturally. Our website is secured with SSL. So don’t worry about the security of your data.

Simply put, followers in Spotify are those who think your music is good enough to keep an eye on your other content. They will monitor your subsequent releases and will likely continue to support you as long as you are consistent with your content.

The unfortunate thing is that followers are hard to find for those who don’t necessarily have enough influence on the platform. As a result, many Spotify users have the talent to make it big, but lack the connections to get noticed within the platform. While it doesn’t guarantee they’ll never be noticed, it does throw a wrench in the plans to make it big soon.

If you want to make sure you get enough Spotify plays and various other aspects to get noticed, you need to buy Spotify followers first. Otherwise, you might have a lot of content, but it doesn’t matter much because not enough people know that your content exists. It can be a frustrating situation because becoming popular in Spotify is all about waiting for that avalanche of exposure while trying not to lose hope.

The reason why you should buy real Spotify followers ASAP is that they can support your future endeavors and make sure there is a good reason to keep using Spotify.

Simply put, it will kickstart your music career on Spotify! What do we mean? Spotify’s algorithm especially favors artists with a higher number of streams and followers. The more followers you have, the more often your songs will be played on Spotify. Then you get more followers and more streams. After that it is more or less an exponential increase.

Yes, every Spotify follower we provide to you is a real and active Spotify user. These are global users from a global user pool to which we have access. We will make every effort to provide your Spotify followers that are a good fit for your profile.

It was not intended that way. Your followers are permanent. If drops occur, please contact us so we can refill them.

You can only download playlists, not podcasts.

Click View Profile and then Followers. This will give you the list of your followers.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Spotify does not allow users to view the followers of their playlists.

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