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We all know that images on Facebook work much better than plain text. Due to the action of  EdgeRank images have a higher priority, are shown more often and have a longer reach. This has led to a world where every post has an image appended or is itself a shared photo. We do not abuse the use of images; we set a new baseline.

So what can we do to increase our photo likes? Here are some of my favorite tips.

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My Favorite Tips to Increase Facebook Photo Likes

  1. Publish high quality photos

The best way to get more likes and engagement on your Facebook photos is to post better photos. It is the same as any other form of content; The better the content, the more people will be interested. Of course it can be very demoralizing to see how big pages post junk and get 100x the engagement you get. They have been around much longer and have much more resources than you. Don’t worry about her. If you need to compare yourself to someone else, find someone with a similar audience and industry.

There are elements in pictorial composition that have lasted since the Renaissance, and there is a reason they exist and have been codified. I often see people claiming to post quality images when they are just the simplest, dullest images you could create. Learn more about basic image composition and editing as needed.

  1. Run like/share battles

On the other hand, you can always go to the bottom of the barrel to intervene. After all, it’s not necessarily about the engagement itself. What you’re aiming for is an increase in your followers’ edge rankings. It’s easy; The more a person interacts with your Page, the more often they will see your posts. The less they engage, the fewer posts they see. So if you get them to engage in clickbait, they’ll be there to see your more relevant sales posts.

The idea here is to create an image split between two possibilities. Sports teams in upcoming matches work well as simple and basic choices, such as pie or pie. Then ask your users to vote. A share counts for one team, a like for another. That is it! You can sit back and watch the engagement begin. It’s not necessarily a great engagement, but it works.

  1. Bait likes for backup

By supporting a common, popular cause, you can gain supporters. People like to show solidarity. One way you can do this is with some of Facebook’s event tools. Remember the same-sex marriage profile tool that covered your image with a rainbow flag? That’s what I’m talking about. The public endorsement and the change work together to attract users who also support this cause.

Tragically, if an agent is killed, the blue-lined badge is another option. I don’t recommend taking advantage of tragedy often. Still, it can work occasionally, especially if you have a personal story about the officer or if he was present in your hometown.

  1. Put text on images

Facebook has a rule against too much text on images, but it only applies to ads. If you’re posting organically, feel free to include as much text as possible. That’s why some low-quality viral image sharing engines do nothing but post downgraded screenshots of text messages on Tumblr or the like.

If you want, you can come up with a special topic – science facts about nebulae, movie facts about screenshots, and so on. I do not recommend going this route. Instead, come up with motivational quotes, inspirational sayings, and other interesting text to overlay the images.

Text often improves the viability of images because even though you have a description, most people don’t read it. You read what is in the photo and ignore the description itself.

  1. Hold captioning contests

A weekly caption contest can go a long way in making your images stand out. It would be best to have an audience that sees enough of your posts to spread the word, which is probably the hardest part. It would be best to have some basic prizes, something you can afford to hand out weekly. I recommend a simple credit or discount coupon. From there, all you need is weird images that beg for explanation. The wilder the photo, the better. Do it if it looks like Gary Larson drew it.

The idea of ​​a caption contest is to get people to comment, so you have to actively follow the comments. Cut and delete the comments that are not relevant; anything that is violent, racist, or otherwise violates Facebook’s Terms of Service must be removed. You can also delete unrelated posts; I’ve seen people spam every brand’s post with a duplicate support request that should go through a ticketing system instead.

  1. Ask questions to get comments

As with the “share one like the other” idea above, you can create a more open set of comments by asking questions. You can do this in two ways; You can ask questions that are relevant to your business or questions that are simply there to get to know your audience. For example, you can ask what kind of flowers your audience likes. Does it help your business? Probably not unless you are a florist. It causes people to comment and possibly discuss the merits of different flowers.

On the other hand, you can ask brand-related questions. For example, if you have a product with some flaws, you can ask users what the most notable flaws are and what they can do to fix them. They’re essentially just doing crowdsourcing market research here. The vocal minority may not have great ideas, but they can give you an idea of ​​the issues people face when using your product.

You can similarly ask what people can expect from your brand. If you have a set of shoes, you can ask what color they want next. There will be people willing to answer anything you want to ask.

  1. Post socially relevant images

This is a double-edged sword, so use it sparingly and only if you know your audience well. Social issues are often very divisive. For example, I would never post a “Like if you’re a Democrat, share if you’re a Republican” photo. Politics is usually too high for a branded site. Sure, people will definitely respond to your posts; but they will do it because they fight.

Various social issues such as abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage, drug legalization, etc. can have extreme views. You want to limit your images on these topics to a rarity. For example, the NRA can get away with regular reports of gun control, but that’s because they know their audience and, most importantly, know which side of the issue they’re on.

The important thing to remember is that any social issue with such a range of options will make you lose followers if you choose one side or the other. Some people will leave just because you posted about it; they don’t want to see it, regardless of your attitude. On the other hand, they tend to get people talking, so it’s a high risk, high reward scenario.

  1. Post during rush hour

One of the elements of Edgerank, i.e. one of the factors that determines whether a person sees your post, is how current that post is. How long has it been since it was posted? How long has it been since you last replied to the post? Older posts require more continued engagement to stay alive unless they are old enough that new engagement may be needed. In general, though, the point is that newer posts are given more weight.

This can be seen in action every day. All you have to do is post at midnight for a week to see how little engagement you get compared to posting during peak hours.

Now there are many studies on the ideal times to post on any social network. I recommend checking them out, but you should also take them with a grain of salt. If you work in a foreign industry or if your audience has something unique that sets them apart, peak times may be different. Study your audience and find out when it works best for them.

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Can you buy Facebook likes?

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Yes they do. Post Likes are the currency of Facebook. That currency is used and exchanged by 1.23 billion monthly active users. That’s something you want to be a part of.

They are also a signifier of popularity and importance. Buying likes on Facebook posts is therefore an important element of any social media marketing strategy.

Everyone wants more likes on Facebook. The number of people who like your post is an important metric that can affect your overall performance on Facebook.

Facebook uses the number of likes to assess the importance of your posts. This can affect both range and visibility.

For brands, the likes of posts are especially valuable because they help indicate the reaction of the public. This is something that Facebook holds very highly.

Is Buying Facebook Likes Safe?

Buying Facebook likes is purely legal. It doesn’t even violate Facebook’s terms. The good thing about our service is that we provide the likes and followers in a way that looks real. Starting a business for buying and selling Facebook likes or followers is not a crime.

No, likes and followers are different. It depends on the person whether he or she only wants to follow the page for the latest posts or whether he or she likes your page too. Both have different number counts on the Facebook page.

Fame on Facebook seems like a dream, but is relatively easier to get given the extremely high number of users. It may seem like a difficult task to leave a mark on a billion people, but it is not impossible. Just a few basic ideas should be followed. The content created should be trendy and eye-catching for the viewers and the content posted should be related to this.

The content should be in alignment with the target audience so that the viewers get used to unique but content from a similar niche of their choice. This will get you more likes as a committed audience is always the most active and engaged audience.

We never ask for your passwords to buy likes on Facebook posts. And they won’t ask for sensitive data from you either. Our website is a genuine and genuine service provider.

Building a brand on Facebook is not as easy as people think it is. To develop a successful brand on Facebook, you need the culmination of several factors.

There are many moving parts that need to be synchronized. The different aspects of creating a successful brand must work together to ensure that you can create a brand with impact. A much-needed requirement for having a successful brand on Facebook is having a messaging schedule. A publishing schedule helps you stay on top of all the content you create.

You should have a publishing schedule that fits the type of audience you’re targeting with your account. Posting when your audience is active helps you get more reach and engagement. Remember to never waver with the quality of your content. A drop in quality will lead to the brand losing its dominance in the market.

There is no set number of likes you can buy to grow on Facebook. It all comes down to strategy, goals and personal preference. Your current credibility or status on Facebook will also play a role in determining how many likes you need to buy to achieve effective results.

If you buy a few thousand likes for your posts, you should be getting a thousand or more likes on your posts constantly. If the number of likes you receive is in the hundreds, you should buy similar amounts so that when the number of likes on your posts increases, they look consistent. If you are buying very large amounts of likes, you need to have a strategy for housing them and promoting your posts effectively. Try to make your growth stable along with fast.

Yes! We work with celebrities, influencers, major companies, musicians and thousands of other users around the world. Everyone needs a helping hand to get started and our services do just that!

Likes usually appear within a few hours of purchase. You can also track your order by clicking the button at the top of the page and entering your tracking number you provided when ordering!

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